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[Pinned] Application Template

Use this template to apply to Last Resort (If you are already a member of the guild apply for trial and a possible raiding spot in the future)PERSONAL INFORMATIONName:Age:Location(optional):CHARACTER INFORMATIONName:Race & class:Current level:...
Small Evys 4y
Evys0919Small Evys 4y

Resto Sham [ACCEPTED]

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: RurikAge:24Location(optional):SamaraCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: imzhRace & class: Orc ShamanCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: ( to your character: (http://realmpla...
Member avatar small imzh 2y
imzh2552Small VuDu 2y

Hunter [Declined for minimal effort]

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: AdolfAge: 30Location(optional): SpainCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: SoikRace & class: Troll HunterCurrent level: 60Professions: Leatherworking & SkinningRaiding experience: MC/Ony/Bwl Cleared.Class experience: I play ...
Member avatar small Soik 2y
Soik0488Member avatar small Soik 2y

Nncrew / Rogue / Combat dager [Declined class is full]

CHARACTER INFORMATIONName:NncrewRace & class:UD RogueCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: (use to your character: (use http:...
Member avatar small Nncrew / Rogue / Combat dager 2y
Nncrew / Rogue / Combat dager0447Member avatar small Nncrew / Rogue / Combat dager 2y

Chickenshiet - Hunter

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: AndreasAge: 25Location(optional): NorwayCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: ChickenshietRace & class: Orc HunterCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: Link to your character: h...
Member avatar small Chickenshiet 3y
Chickenshiet2519Member avatar small Chickenshiet 3y

Thoraisius - SM/Ruin - Warlock

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: NiclasAge:25Location: DenmarkCHARACTER INFORMATIONName:ThoraisiusRace & class: Undead WarlockCurrent level:60Link to your spec:SM/Ruin - Should debuff slots be a problem I am however just as comfortable with DS/RuinLi...
Member avatar small Thoraisius 3y
Thoraisius3566Member avatar small Thoraisius 3y

Holy Priest -Weedboyx

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: ThomasAge: 24Location(optional): NorwayCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: WeedboyxRace & class: Undead PriestCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: 21/30/0Link to your character: Im pretty much bis pre raid at this point. (armor...
Member avatar small weedboyx 3y
weedboyx3609Small Vonsickle 3y

Kid cosmos tank

Name:Nicholas (Nike-laos victory for the people(Age:26Location(optional):Minnesota, USACHARACTER INFORMATIONName: KIDCOSMOSRace & class: Orc WarriorCurrent level:60Link to your spec: (use PROTLink to your c...
Small Obu 3y
Obu2507Small VuDu 3y

Rogue Application (Lifeblind)

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: TommyAge: 26Location(optional): Bodø, NorwayCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: LifeblindRace & class: Undead RogueCurrent level: 52 (heh)Link to your spec: As im not 60 yet this is no point, but im going dagger as long as you...
Member avatar small Lifeblind 3y
Lifeblind3762Small VuDu 3y


PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: MartinAge: 25Location(optional):UKCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: drokkenRace & class: ud rogueCurrent level:60Link to your spec: (dont know why i dont have murder)Lin...
Member avatar small Drokken 3y
Drokken2472Small Smegyy 3y

Shadow Priest

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: AndersAge: 26Location(optional): SwedenCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: JävladretRace & class: Troll PriestCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: (use Site seems to be down atm, will update...
Member avatar small Jävladret 3y
Jävladret3786Small VuDu 3y

Dächmön either backup or trial (Denied)

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: DamonAge: 20Location(optional): SwedenCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: DächmönRace & class: Orc WarriorCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: to your character: http://...
Member avatar small Dächmön 3y
Dächmön2532Small VuDu 3y

Auf - Rogue (back up) raider application

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: Kilian DeelenAge: 22Location(optional): The NetherlandsCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: AufRace & class: Undead RogueCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: Keep in mind th...
Member avatar small Auf 3y
Auf2513Small Evys 3y

Resto Druid - Aintnoflex ( Accepted )

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: Rasmus SorgenfreyAge: 25Location(optional): Calgary, Canda (Going back to Denmark in a few months)CHARACTER INFORMATIONName: AintnoflexRace & class: Tauren DruidCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: http://db.vanillaga...
Member avatar small Aintnoflex 3y
Aintnoflex3669Member avatar small Aintnoflex 3y

Raid application < Warlock > [ACCEPTED]

Hello everybody, I finally made it to 60 and gathered pre-raid bis gear together because I would like to support the guild raids. :)PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: ChrisAge: 27Location(optional): Germany (EU)CHARACTER INFORMATIONName: CorpsemournRace &a...
Member avatar small Corpsemourn 3y
Corpsemourn3657Small Keelya 3y

Trial Mage

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: BohdanAge: 23Location(optional): Ukraine(rly not rus)CHARACTER INFORMATIONName: DeadlycowardRace &amp; class: Undead MageCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: to your...
Member avatar small Deadlycoward 3y
Deadlycoward0420Member avatar small Deadlycoward 3y

+400 Heal Priest looking for a new raiding home [ACCEPTED]

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName: MichaelAge: 26Location(optional): GermanyCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: TrigaRace &amp; class: Undean PriestCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: Holy Priest to your cha...
Member avatar small Triga 3y
Triga3823Small Vonsickle 3y

Interested in DPS-ing in raids

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName:MatejAge:18Location(optional):CroatiaCHARACTER INFORMATIONName:PolmerianRace &amp; class:undead,rogueCurrent level:60Link to your spec: to your character:http://realmpl...
Member avatar small Polmerian 3y
Polmerian71109Small Evys 3y

combat sword rogue

Name: MateuszAge: 25Location: PolandCHARACTER INFORMATIONName: UndoomRace &amp; class: Undead/rogueCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: to your character:
Member avatar small Undoom 3y
Undoom 3509Small Stubbler 3y

Radagazt lvl 60 warlock [DECLINED]

PERSONAL INFORMATIONName:VincentAge:24Location(optional):BelgiumCHARACTER INFORMATIONName:RadagaztRace &amp; class:warlock -undeadCurrent level: 60Link to your spec: to your character: h...
Member avatar small Radagazt 3y
Radagazt2678Small Jaggz 3y